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How to Get Fit: 5 Things You Must Do to Guarantee Results

Posted on : 20-08-2009 | By : Bert | In : Workout Tips


Most people I talk to in my age group (40+) complain about not being in shape and not having time to workout.  I’ve been there…  The fact is that no matter how busy (or lazy) you are, it is possible to get in shape at any age.

Here are five tips for making sure you get on track and stay on track with your workout routine.  Whether you’re walking, playing tennis, going to an aerobics class, you need to develop consistency.  Take the time to follow these tips and you’ll have won half the battle to get in shape and stay in shape.

  1. Set A Goal: You Must Have A Reason.
    It’s all about motivation.  In January 2008 I set a fitness goal for myself – I wanted to be in the best shape of my life at age 40 (which would happen in December of the same year).  I wrote it down and posted it on my bathroom mirror and told everyone I knew.  Posting it on my mirror forced me to think about it every day and telling everybody acted as a reminder when everyone kept asking how my “fitness plan” was going.
  2. No Excuses: Overcoming Procrastination.
    It can be challenging getting fit at any age.  Everybody who’s ever tried starting a new exercise program knows that starting is hard…  You say you’ll start next Monday… Monday rolls around and you have to work late, so guess what?  You put it off until next Monday – right?  Why not just start on the first day of the week?
    Don’t ever fall into the trap of making excuses.  Just like achieving success in business or anything else in life – you need to just take action – NO MORE EXCUSES.
  3. Schedule Workout Time: If It’s Important, You Have To Plan It.
    One way of making sure you get into the gym is to actually schedule it.  You need to make the time just like you make time for other meetings and important activities.  Write it down in your diary or put a reminder in your phone.  Sounds simple, but it works!
  4. Get A Partner: A Backup Plan For Keeping Your Workout Going.
    Sometimes you just don’t feel like going to the gym today.  If you workout alone, you’ll know that it’s very easy to say “I’ll go tomorrow instead.”  When you have a workout partner, it’s not that easy.  Hopefully you both don’t decide to get lazy on the same day.  It’s always good if you can find someone who’s more motivated than you to “push you along.”
  5. Do Something: Just Make Sure You Show Up.
    Sometimes you just don’t feel like working out.  You might have a headache, or you didn’t get much sleep last night…  Guess what?  You still need to go do your workout.  The reason is that you want your body to get used to going to the gym at the same time on the plannned days.  If you don’t feel too good, just shorten the workout.  Even if you spend only five minutes instead of your usual thirty minutes or hour, make sure you show up.  We are creatures of habit.  Do something, no matter how little.  It will make a world of difference in your quest to get fit and stay fit.

Comments (4)

This sounds quiet interesting i am willing to try all these tips. However, i have two questions, do these tips apply right across the board? Take me for example im a slim person and i have issues with my weight. Is there also a routine that will allow me to gain and maintain the required weight for a girl my height (5ft 5″) and at the same time remain fit?

Yes, these tips apply to everyone. It’s all about starting and maintaining a habit.

There are routines and diet plans for people who want to gain weight. I will be writing about that in a future post. Subscribe to my newsletter to ensure you don’t miss out!

First, let me say how impressed I am with the discipline and dedication you have displayed in getting ‘where you are’. You look grreat! Are u married? (Kidding) I too want to get in shape but …. Anyway, I dont want to lose weight and I dont want to gain…I pretty much want to ‘shape up’ and maintain. I think I need to lose some pounds (quite a few actually) off my waistline but like I said I dont want to lose weight…therefore what i would wish is to ‘shift the weight around’ that is from my belly to my thighs. Do-able?? Is that what they call ‘sculpting’?

What you’re trying to achieve is definitely do-able. Actually, it’s probably a lot easier than you think. What you’re saying is that you really want to change the shape of your body. The good news for you is that whether you realize it or not, you’re off to a good start – you have a pretty good definition of what you want to achieve.
Basically you’re going to need to develop a workout schedule and STICK TO IT. Sounds like you might need some advice on WHAT to do when you actually get there. Tell you what, I have a pretty good solution for you. I’m working on a post for tomorrow where I’ll give you some tips and links to some valuable resources that will help you get started.

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